The Town of Pavilion was formed from Covington, Wyoming County, May 19, 1841. Then in 1842, a portion of the townships of LeRoy and Stafford were annexed to Pavilion. The Oatka Creek is the principal stream flowing north through the center of town. There are two tracts in Pavilion Township known as the Cragie Tract and the Forty Thousand Acre Tract. The Cragie Tract is situated in the western part of the township and the Forty Thousand Acre Tract is situated in the eastern part of the township.

Most of the early settlers came from the New England States and took advantage of the creek to set up mills and farmed the fertile land. They established homes, stores and a hotel. In 1825, Harmon Betts ran a store east of the corners. He gave the name Pavilion to the village, being a native of Saratoga Springs and Pavilion was named for the hotel in Saratoga.

Farming is still a big business in the town with farms now having hundreds of acreage, requiring bigger machinery to till the soil and harvest the crops. Most of the small farms are gone with a few dairy farms left.

We do have an Elementory School, grades Kindergarten thru 5th. grade and a High School, 6th. thru 12Lh, grade. Both Schools have been updated. We also have a Bank, Postoffice, 3 Churches, the United Methodist, First Baptist and St. Mary Immaculate, Catholic Church. Their is a Bakery, Coffee Shop, Craft Store, Farm Market & Pizza Shop, 2 as StaVons, Hanson (DeWitt) Concerte, Pavilion Livestock Market, George & Swede Sales & Service, Davis's Golf Course, Dumbleton Auto Parts, Pavilion Drainage Supply, Baltz Concrete, Strobel's Auto Electric and Jeffres RL & Sons.

The Town of Pavilion does have it's own Fire Department and a Library, which is open to the public. When our last census was taken in 2000 we show 2467 persons residing in the town.