Town of Pavilion Court


Philip N. Werner
Lawrence S. Dagan

Kate Werner
(585) 584-3850 x210
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:00-5:00PM

1 Woodrow Drive, PO Box 126, Pavilion, NY 14525

Telephone Number
(585) 584-3850 x210

Fax Number
(585) 584-8449


Court Sessions:
1st Tuesday of Month – Misdemeanors and Felonies
2nd Tuesday of Month – Violations
Civil - Scheduled as needed



Resolution of Vehicle and Traffic Violations:



A. By Mail

1. A Not Guilty Plea:  Regardless of where you live, a not guilty plea may be entered and, in most cases, resolved through the mail without you ever being required to appear in Court.  A Not Guilty plea is made by signing and dating Part B of the issued ticket and mailing it to the Court before the date listed on your ticket.  After the Court receives your Not Guilty plea you will receive correspondence regarding your ticket(s) from our Town Prosecutor usually in the form of a plea offer to a lesser charge.  If you wish to accept the tendered plea, simply sign and return it to the Prosecutor.  If you do not accept, a trial date will be set which will require you to appear in person.  If you have any questions regarding the correspondence please call the Court.

2. A Guilty plea is made by signing and dating Part A and mailing to the Court before the date listed on your ticket.  Upon receipt of your Guilty plea, the Court will notify you in writing of the fine and due date.

** If, you have lost your ticket(s) you may write a letter to the Court stating how you plead to the ticket(s).  The letter must state how you plead, your current address and it must be signed and dated. ***


YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR PLEA/TICKET TO THE COURT BY MAIL OR FAX.  If you submit your plea by mail, you DO NOT need to appear in Court on the date directed on your ticket or by the Court.


B. In Person


1. If you do not want to enter a plea by mail, you should appear in Court on the date listed on the bottom of your ticket.  IF YOU RECEIVED A LETTER FROM THIS COURT RESCHEDULING YOUR COURT DATE YOU SHOULD APPEAR ON THE DATE STATED IN THAT LETTER, NOT THE DATE ON THE TICKET.


Scheduling a Civil Matter

Please either leave a message with the Court or send a letter via mail or fax requesting a Court date.  All civil matters must be assigned a Court date by the Court.